How to Silence Notifications With Windows 10’s Focus Assist

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You’re in the middle of browsing a website, creating a document, or playing a game. And Windows 10 taps you on the shoulder to tell you that an update or other notification wants your attention. Yes, it’s a case of bad timing. But you can avoid unwanted interruptions with Focus Assist, a new and redesigned feature in the Windows 10 April 2018 Update.

Formerly known as Quiet Hours, Focus Assist gives you greater control to stop Windows from bugging you with each new notification. You can tell Windows to hide all notifications except alarms or those you deem high priority. You can ask Windows not to bother you when you’re playing a game, sharing your display during a presentation, or during specific hours of the day. You can then view a summary of any notifications you missed by checking your Windows Action Center. Here’s how to get started.

Update Windows 10

Make sure you’re running the Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Open Settings > System > About. Scroll down the screen. If the Windows version says 1803, you have the April update. If not, go to the Update & securitycategory in Settings. Install the update called “Feature Update to Windows 10, version 1803.” If you don’t see it, go to Microsoft’s Windows 10 Download page to manually install it.

When you’re updated, navigate to Settings > System > Focus Assist, where Windows displays all the settings for Focus Assist.

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